Technomania 2k18 happens Every year at Tawi Technical Campus.

Techfest emerged to be Largest Science and Technology Festival at TTC, a conglomeration of scientific thinking and innovation. With a foot in every genre, the fest caters to large gathering of audience, one of the largest college gatherings. With a Star Singer’s Performance “Garry Sandhu”

How is Techfest built? Techfest is built afresh by the students and staff of TTC working in a three-tier system. The core team with 1 Overall Coordinator guiding Managers. Techfest is a true believer in the concept of a team of equals. The portfolios can be broadly categorised into two sections – administration and events. The administrative portfolios primarily include tasks like accounts, infrastructure, media and marketing, hospitality, publicity, web and creatives. The events portfolios include responsibility for each of the numerous happenings and initiatives taken by Techfest each year. A team of over 100 Coordinators and Organisers along with their respective managers work in synchronisation to execute and implement the splendid spectacle called “Technomania”.

Techfest provides a platform for one and all to witness one of the most beautiful and groundbreaking amalgamations of science and technology with pure delight and enthusiasm. With a display of motivating orations, state of the art technology, cut-throat competitions and breathtaking performances for its audience, Techfest for the past many years has served to be the ideal destination for the millennials to learn, create and experience the beauty of technology.


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