About ME and its Scope

B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is the study of maintaining, analysing, designing and manufacturing machinery. This ranges from designing the tiny parts of machines, as well as the handling of large-scale machinery.

Program Overview

The study of mechanical engineering (ME) covers a wide range of topics: computer applications, electricity, structures, mathematics, physics, Automobiles, Strength of Material and drafting. It is considered to be one of the most challenging undergraduate degrees. The field is changing so rapidly, that you may find that when you come to specialize or complete a personal research project in your final year, the topic may not even have existed in your first year.

Like most other strains of engineering, you will be taught through lectures, seminars, tutorials and laboratory sessions, with design classes and practical workshops. You will be assessed continuously through reports, computer exercises, lab work and essays, as well as exam-based testing.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must have passed 12th with Non Medical Subjects.
  • Minimum Percentage 45% in 12th.
  • For LEET, student must have passed Diploma with 45%.

Why Mechanical Engineering

  • Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest and oldest branches of engineering. Mechanical engineers are involved with the design, analysis, testing, manufacturing, control, operation, and maintenance of mechanical systems – that is, any system that has a moving part! Mechanical systems can vary greatly in complexity and magnitude from the valve in an artificial heart to a car engine to a nuclear power plant. It deals with all aspects of the conversion of thermal energy into useful work and the machines that make this possible

ME Future Scope

Mechanical Department Spotlight

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