Group Discussion Competition for TEC Students


Group discussion on study topics plays vital role in understanding the topic. Discussing a topic with friends or classmates helps in learning the topic with perfection. Group discussion on a topic involves sharing of learning by the participants which equally benefits all the participants.

An event named Group discussion challenge was organized by the mechanical department, Tawi Technical Campus, Pathankot in which students participated. A group discussion among students is being organized to see and evaluate their thinking skills, listening abilities and how they are communicating their thoughts. One should learn to control the conversation through listening attentively and then having the perseverance to mould it towards his/her own direction.

Mechanical Engineering Students in Group Discussion

The main theme of the event was to enrich the knowledge. By this event thinking ability and confidence of students has been judged. In this event special secratry to chairman Mr. BR Moza, Campus Director Dr. Dinesh Kumar, Pricipal Tawi College Dr. Deepak Sharma , HOD Mr. Simranjeet singh along with other staff members were present.


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