Survey Camp is an army tradition that was discontinued in the later part of twentieth century but was reinstated in 2002 across the universities of the world with a whole new structure. It is the Civil Engg. training course for two weeks usually after completion four semesters of B.Tech  that consists of 8 days working in the field and 6 days of map preparation in the computer lab.

In the Survey Camp using Total Station, the modern Total Station we use is a combination of an electronic theodolite, an electronic distance meter (EDM) and software running on external computer known as data collector. Knowledge in using Total Station offers careers in various segments where total Station finds application in

  • Civil Construction Companies
  • Surveying: Survey and Land records
  • Disaster Management
  • Archaeological Survey

The training aims to provide adequate working knowledge on total stations which are widely in use across civil engineering and other industries.


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